Monday, August 1, 2016

A Tour of Routes des Grandes Alpes and More - June and July 2016

Route des Grandes Alpes is a trip we started to think about last year. Klaus, one of our good friends made the trip three years ago and after we saw his pictures we decided we should make this trip as well.

Klaus and his wife, Angelika, agreed they would join, as did another good friend Christian.

The plan was to leave late in June and take two weeks. This would give us the best chance to be ahead of the Summer vacation tourists and have good weather. The first week would be the Routes des Grandes Alpes and the second week used for working our way over more Alpes Passes and back to N├╝rnberg.

Klaus and I left late afternoon on Friday June 24th and spent the nigh in with his friends Alex and Babsi in Ulm.

Judith, Angelika and Christian left Saturday morning to meet us in Evian France, where the real journey was to begin.

As it turns out our timing was perfect - both for avoiding traffic and tourists, as well as good weather. We had very little of the former and lots of the latter.

Here is a tiny sample of what we saw traveling through the Alps.

I posted lots of pictures with more information about the trip Here. Please take a look.

Our trip was absolutely wonderful in every way.

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