Friday, May 29, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 3 - Packing for Two Months and 10,000 Kilometers

"Judith, please pack light!"

There has been much written on how to efficiently pack for short or long motorcycle tour. I've read many articles, if not all of them and take them to heart, with the promise to myself to follow the suggestions for efficient packing.  My mantra is "next time I'm packing light(er)".

We need to pack for a two month tour.

With that mantra in mind I did pack lighter... that is to say I left the kitchen sink and the portable defibrillator out of the bags.

All the stuff is pretty much packed. My light packing mantra equated to two rolling duffel bags and a medium-large tail bag (that contains another small tail bag and tank bag).

Judith's packing light equated to one rolling duffel bag. Humph!

In all fairness to me, I am carrying a small set of tools, small battery operated air pump and tire repair kit, first aid kit - and my clothes are a lot bigger than Judith's.

As Dean Martin once said (I think it was him), "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Here is the pile that somehow needs to get to San Francisco on Sunday.

Top to bottom: Two helmets (carry on), tail bag, Dennis' duffel #1, Judith's duffel,Dennis' duffel #2, laptop/iPad bag, camera bag (not shown Judith's tank bag carry on)

The contents will get transferred to the panniers on the bikes and the tail and tank bags attached. Then the empty bags get sent by FedEx to Pennsylvania for the return trip. I'm pretty sure Gen. Eisenhower had an easier time with logistics for the landing in France.

Off to SFO on Sunday morning.

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