Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 28 – The last leg to Home

Well today is my last day on the road and it’s another long one from Marietta, OH to Phoenixville. I had a send off from a river barge as I was getting ready to leave.

I got started at 8:30 and first thing decided to find somewhere for a big breakfast. A little ways outside of Marietta, in West Virginia I found the Omelet Shoppe.

This place looks like an old Waffle House, and they are always interesting, so I gave it a try.

Sure enough it has a menu just like a Waffle House and the same chaotic breakfast scene – one waitress waiting on about 20 or more patrons, a fry cook (or in the Waffle House terminology a Master Grill Operator) cooking up a half a dozen breakfast dishes and a dishwasher.

If it were still a Waffle House the cook would have been making waffles like mad, but since it is now the Omelet Shoppe the cook was making omelets like crazy.

I sat at the counter so I could take in all of the action. I sat next to a young kid (Mike) who seemed to be a regular and watched him flirt with the dishwasher (April), who was a cute young girl. Poor Mike – he was making absolutely no progress with his flirting and eventually left.

After finishing breakfast and having my fill of the entertainment I hit the road.

Most of the day was U.S. 50 Interstates (79, 68, 70, 81and 76). I did manage to get on to some back roads – U.S. 219 North to U.S. 30 – but none of this was very noteworthy.

I pulled in to home about 7:30.

Final milage when I got home was 26,907. The starting milage was 19,167. So, 7,740 miles and 28 days later I was back home, having accomplished my goal - safe and sound.

I promptly took a shower and went to bed.

I still have four days of updates to do and hope to finish that later this week... Stay tuned


  1. Dennis,

    Congrats on making it home and what seems like a truly memorable trip. What's is the next moto-challenge you have in mind to beat this one - are you going to put pontoons and a paddle wheel on your bike and circumnavigate the world?? :-)


  2. Amazing trip Dennis! How will you be able to get back to the life not on the road ;-) Your blog has inspired me and I caint wait to start my engines for my trip.Welcome home! Carlos A.