Friday, July 10, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 33 – Day 32 New Orleans to Natchez

July 6, 2015

Once again, this is a get from Point A to Point B day, so nothing of any great interest to report.

Weather hasn’t changed – still hot and humid.

We took I10 West leaving New Orleans and connected with US 61 to head North to Natchez. I had an impression that US 61 would be an easy cruise up to Natchez.

That’s what I get for thinkin’…

Shortly after getting on to US 61 we stopped in Gonzales, LA for gas. Everything seemed OK traffic wise until we got about a mile further up the road. For the next 15 miles there was one continuous stretch of community after community, Strip Mall after Strip Mall, signal light after signal light, mini van after mini van, SUV after SUV, delivery truck after delivery truck. Later we came to the conclusion that this is a bedroom community for Baton Rouge.

The signal lights were timed just “perfectly” to keep traffic at a crawl. We hit every other red light, which were spaced about a quarter mile apart. It took one hour to travel 15 miles and the temperature was going up, along with the humidity. Once we got to a turn off point we stopped at a gas station and sat in the shade for bit drinking lots of water.

From there on we continued North on US 61, which a ways north of Baton Rouge is named the Natchez Scenic Highway (not the Natchez Trace – that’s tomorrow). This is a nice road with minimum traffic that winds it’s way into Natchez.

We found the hotel just fine in Natchez and settled in for the remainder of the day.

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