Monday, July 27, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 41 – Days 44 - 45 TRW Rides

July 18 - 19, 2015

July 18th

First things first… Breakfast!

At 7:30 we headed off to Meadows of Dan and the Poor Farmer’s Market for breakfast.

Country breakfast at the Poor Farmers Market

 Once we were all satisfied and reinvigorated we headed out to enjoy Jim’s Invisible Roads. We used the BRP as our not so invisible road to get to the really good stuff.

After leaving the BRP we wound around all throughout the Blue Ridge Plateau area on roads with big sweeping turns to narrow tight and technical twisty turns.

Judith had been a little concerned that she would be the slowest and weakest rider of the group, but her concern was for not. She was right there with all of us and over the day her skill through corners was greatly improved. She got a bunch of compliments from everyone.

Jim was also kind enough to provide some of his secret sauce riding tips to Judith, even though this was not a real workshop.

At some point we encountered a bit of rain, but not enough to cause too much concern. The sun came out later and we all dried off pretty fast.

Here are a few of our stops...

The Country Store at Big Walker Lookout. Yep -  Confederate flags still fly in many places.

If you wanted to do so you could climb this tower for a view to NYC I think. We did not try...

We did have this view from the Country Store

Looking out towards Tazewell, VA

Paul, Treavor, Jim Judith, Dennis

An Amish General Store in the beautiful valley of Burkes Garden

 At the end of the day we had about 225 miles in of 80% super roads.

We cleaned up and had a session at the Red Chair Society before going to Mickey G's Bistro & Pizzeria, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Floyd.

July 19th

Once again – first things first… Breakfast!

Breakfast was in a different spot today and I have forgotten the name and no pictures.

We took the same approach today as we did yesterday – BRP to the good stuff.

More new and great roads once again…
At one point we were on highway 58 (a road where I had crashed a few years ago), going up the hill through a series of very tight switchbacks, when the heavens opened up. After a small bit of thought we turned back down the hill and through the same switchbacks in a pretty heavy rain.

However, at the turnaround point Judith suffered a small incident. Actually it was not a big deal, but rather a Laugh In kind of tip over when she went to put her foot down on a sloping side of the road and the slop was a little too much – so she found nothing but air. This popped the left side mirror off and broke the tip of the clutch lever. No damage to Judith however (other than her pride), so that was good.

Once back at the bottom of the hill the rain stopped and we stopped for lunch and to dry out our gear.

After lunch I “MacGyvered” the mirror back on to Judith’s bike, so all was good and off we went for more fun. Judith’s tip over didn’t faze her in the least and she was still improving through the twisty roads. We even had a half mile or so of gravel road she conquered.

Me - MacGyvering Judith's mirror

We had a break here early morning

Nuff said...

I've had Red Stripe Beer, but not gas.

Heading down another nice road

At the end of second 225-mile day we repeated our ritual of unwinding at the Red Chair Society. Then one more go to the Pine Tavern Restaurant for unbelievably good Southern food.

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