Monday, July 27, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 43 – Day 47 Peaks of Otter to Middleburg, VA

July 21, 2015

The weather was iffy when we were packing up to leave. It had just rained and was still sprinkling a little. But, with luck on our side, the rain went away as we headed north up the BRP.

A little treating looking in the morning

We made a stop in the nice picnic area that we had all to ourselves and had an apple, almonds and water. This seemed to prove to be a good solution for keeping the energy up during the entire trip.

A nice little picnic area

At the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway we said a sad good-bye and continued on to Middleburg and Treavor’s house.

About two hours from Treavor’s we had to head directly into a small rainstorm that lasted about 45 minutes. This would prove to be the last day of rain for the trip. We were very fortunate with rain. We could only count five times where the rain was actually significant. Not bad for two months of travel.

By the time we arrived at Treavor’s we were totally dry, but ready for a beer. Treavor delivered the goods.

Middleburg is an old town, at least by U.S. standards, established in 1787. Treavor’s home is 100 years plus old and has lots of character.

Great backyard

We had a blue chair society at Treavor's

We enjoyed a nice dinner just a block up the street and a pleasing visit.

Thank you again Treaver.

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