Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 45 – Day 50 Gaithersberg to Annapolis, MD

July 24, 2015

Off to Annapolis for two days… This is a short ride from Gaithersburg.

We had reservations at the  Scotlaur Inn B&B, which is over the famous Chick & Ruth's Delly.

Neither Judith nor I had ever been to Annapolis before and when we pulled into the center of the old town section we were pretty amazed at how busy it was.

We could not for the life of us find the B&B, but we knew we were close. We parked and Judith went on a scouting expedition. She returned successfully and we now knew where the B&B was located and why we couldn’t find it. We were looking for the Scotlaur Inn, but the predominate sign is for Chick & Ruth’s.

Turns out that Chick & Ruth’s is a very well known and extremely popular Delly (this is how Chick & Ruth spell Deli, so I will too) – it is a sort of a destination deli. The B&B is lesser known, but nevertheless a popular and quaint old place. The check in process for the B&B is completed in the Delly at the cash register – in between customers paying for their Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes and pastrami sandwiches. The Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are very good by the way.

The Delly has a line to get in from opening to closing everyday. It is super busy. Teddy, the son of Chick & Ruth runs the show in the Delly and the B&B with the precision of a seasoned Navy boatswain's mate supervising the docking of a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier – but no swearing and with a smile.

We had a seat up above all the action. This gives you a little idea of the organized chaos.
Teddy is a very nice guy. He took us to our room to get us settled and even carried some of our bags.

He is a real patriotic guy as well. Every morning at 8:30, Mon – Fri and 9:30 on Sat and Sun, he leads everyone in the Delly in the Pledge of Allegiance. He also has a number of fund raising activities on going for wounded warriors.


The temperature had dropped down to a pleasant low 80’s and there was a nice bar and restaurant next to the Delly with outside seating, so naturally we sat down and had a beer or two and an early dinner. Afterwards, we strolled around Main Street and down to the harbor to look at the big boats and crowds of people having a good time – so were we.

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