Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Judith’s Diary Entries #6

July 22 to July 26


Highlight for each State:
California   Bluest sky
Arizona   nicest clouds
New Mexico   pass with care
Texas   I can see for miles or bugs eat you
Louisiana   Bridges and bayous
Mississippi   ? Many trees, less Dodge Rams
Alabama   They are cheating - the liberty statue should not be here
Georgia   Tar snakes
Tennessee   Beat-up cars
North Carolina   Great roads
Virginia   Wonderful riding
Maryland  Red traffic lights
Delaware   Zipped through too fast to come up with something
Pennsylvania   Potholes

July 22, Middleburg to Gaithersburg
We had a snort ride including an old ferry to Dennis' cousin's, who he hadn't met since he was little. The afternoon was a lot of catching up, later we had a great dinner in a brewery restaurant and concluded the evening on their magnificent deck.


July 23, Gaithersburg
This was a rest day I mostly spent on the deck. I saw foxes in the morning, watched the birds, and saw a raccoon in the evening. Dennis spend the day going over the family tree with Laurna and catching up on his blog. Dinner was in a nice Moroccan restaurant.

July 24, Gaithersburg to Annapolis
Another rather short ride, but slow (red traffic lights) to Annapolis. This is a very picturesque town with a nice yacht harbor and a lot of marine stuff going on.


July 25, Annapolis
We had a slow start in the morning. We went down to the Naval Academy and did a walking tour. We were lucky to get to see a parade. After the tour we spent some time in their swimming hall and watched the young soldiers' swimming training. Three of them were not participating, but read their "bible" in a very funny way. The rest of the day was more or less "hanging out".

July 26, Annapolis to Philadelphia
After breakfast in this crazy deli we got on our bikes again heading to our last station. We had to cross Bay Bridge (toll, of course), spend 30 mins in traffic in front of the toll booths, to have an amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay. The rest of the ride was not that exciting. We finally arrived Dave and Mary Ellen's, where we are going to stay for the rest of the time. We spent a wonderful evening on their deck talking.


So, finally, we did 6133 miles (9870 km) from west to east - amazing
[Editor's note: there is a small difference in mileage between Judith's and mine because we did a few rides two up on my bike, thus a few extra miles for my bike]

Hi lights
Best place we stayed at: Oak Park Inn, Waynesville & Pine Tavern Lodge, Floyd
Best road: Angeles Crest Highway, Cherohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway
Most spectacular/memorable people: performers of the jam session at Oak Park Inn, redneck Steward
Most interesting place: Barber Motorsports Museum
Most spectacular location: Monument Valley
Best dinner: Bess Bistro, Austin
Best hotel: La Posada, Winslow
Most inspiring person: Sam at El Trovatore Motel, Kingman
Most impressive views: Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Blue Ridge Parkway
Most boring stretch: Amarillo to Plainview, TX
Biggest cockroach: Fredericksburg, Texas
Greatest cultural experience: Library in Austin
Best thing: wine GLASSES instead of plastic cups
Biggest lie: free WiFi at various hotels
Most true saying: it's all about the people
Most relaxing: rocking chairs on the porch
Weirdest thing: man against food
Biggest milk shake: Chick & Ruth's deli, Annapolis

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