Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 14 – Day Eight Exploring the South Rim

June 12, 2015

Up and at’em – let’s go we have a canyon to see.

OK, OK – we got up pretty early, but proceeded slowly to get a little breakfast and then take advantage of the great shuttle bus service run in the Grand Canyon.

First the Visitors Center and Mather Point, where we saw many, many tourists – just like us. I did get a couple of Grand Canyon Fashion Tips however.
The Latest Fashion for the Grand Canyon

Another Fashion Tip
Selfie Sticks were all over

We hopped on another shuttle to go over to the rim walk.
I took over 350 pictures of the Canyon and I’m going to post everyone right here in this blog… No way!!!

The big problem is it is impossible to capture the size and grander of the Grand Canyon in a photograph while walking along the Rim Trail. I’m going to post a few and then you will need to go to National Geographic or something.
From Mather Point

From Mather Point

A big storm was over on the North Rim

The Colorado River was about one mile below from where I took this picture with a 300 mm lens. The little white water rapids are actually about 15 feet waves.

This is the very difficult hiking tail we had to endure.

Cactus bloom

Finally, the end of the trail.
Now back on the shuttle bus.

At the end of the day we were pretty whipped and turned in early.

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