Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 22 – Day 16 Santa Fe to Taos

June 20, 2015

Not much picture taking to speak of today for some reason.

Overnight a large group of Norwegians on an Eagle Riders Tour pulled into our hotel. They all seemed to have a great time hanging out at the pool.

We have been seeing a lot of different Eagle Riders Tours in AZ and NM, with groups from France, Japan, Germany and now Norway. It looks like Eagle Rider does a good business running tours.

We decided to blow off the Los Alamos National Laboratory and just go straight to Taos. We headed north out of Santa Fe and connected with Highway 68 up though the Rio Grande Gouge. This was a 60-mile, hot ride – up to 98 degrees by the time we landed in Taos.

After finding a place to park in what seemed like the Sahara, we changed from riding gear to shorts and T-Shirts and proceeded to explore the shops in Taos.

First stop was a restaurant where we re-hydrated with a gallon or so of ice tea and water.

Taos is a bit lower key than Santa Fe, and certainly much smaller, so it didn’t take that long to cover most of them.

I did find a very nice leather shop, Taos Leather, run by some German folks of all things. I ended up buying a belt, leather and silver bracelet and a crushable leather hat. Retail therapy over…

The ride back to Santa Fe was about as hot as the ride up.

After getting a cleaned up we walked to an Italian restaurant, Osteria D' Assisi, and proceeded to eat too much.

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