Friday, June 26, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 25 – Day 19 Tucumcari to Plainview, TX

June 23, 2015

Today was full of excitement…

We did manage to get a little earlier start today and the temperature was in the mid 70’s. This seemed like a Fall day compared to the previous week.

Here's some parting shots of the Blue Swallow...

Our room, #11, with the old pink double rocker
Our private garage

Billy, Wyatt and George

 The Old Mother Road led us out of Tucumcari for a few miles and then back on to I40.

After a while we were able to get back on to the Old Mother Road and parallel I40. But then…

End of the pavement on Old Route 66
The pavement stopped and the road turned to hard packed gravel. Now I knew if we stayed on this section for 5 or 6 miles it would bring us back into I40 right around the Texas border.

Judith was not so sure about continuing on and made a suggestion of turning around and going back several miles to I40. I managed to convince her that this would not be hard for her to ride and off we went – slow – but albeit off we went. After a couple of miles there is a dirt road that leads over to I40, so we did not need to do the full 5 or 6 miles. Judith did just fine and I was proud of her for persevering.

Really? You want to ride down this road?

Midpoint Café

We crossed the Texas border and shortly afterwards made a stop at the Midpoint Café. This is located at the exact midpoint of Route 66, and is a wonderful spot to stop. There are always lots of travelers of Route 66 making a stop at the Café. We had an early lunch.

Cadillac Ranch

Next on down the road was the Cadillac Ranch. If you have not heard about this place you probably won’t believe what I am about to tell you.

A number of years ago a guy decided to make an art piece out of ten old mid 60’s Cadillac’s. So he buried them nose down, at a 45 degree angle and in a straight line. His first location ran into some sort of trouble, so he dug them up and moved them to another location and they have been there for years. The location is on a frontage road that parallels I40, just to the West of Amarillo. Access is wide open to the public. Just park on the side of the road, walk through a gate and hike about 150 yards out to the Stonehenge of Texas.

It gets even more bizarre. The tradition is to take a can, or 3 or 4, of spray paint with you and spray whatever you like on the Caddies. The paint is – I kid you not – at least one inch thick or more on these icons.

What the heck??
All in a nice straight line - nosed in at 45 degrees

We found one with Digger painted on it. The wind was really blowing this day, as noted by Judith's hair.

Layers and layers and layers of paint cover the cars

This is a chunk of paint that had cracked and fallen off a car. Note the many, many layers of paint.
Another chunk of broken off paint. This is about 2-1/2 inches thick

Another tradition, I guess, is to leave your empty spray can behind. There were hundreds of them laying around.
From the Cadillac Ranch we turned south and headed to Plainview, TX for the night. This was pretty uneventful, with the only change being instead of fighting the strong cross winds we now got to ride into the strong head wind.

Dinner was a take out salad form a local grocery store and a bottle of wine in plastic cups. No proper wine glasses here in Plainview.

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