Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Judith’s Diary

Judith is keeping her own diary

Starting on June 5th the numbers after each entry are the end mileage for the day.

So, in Judith's words...

A Highlight for each State:
Cal.  Bluest sky
Ariz.  Nicest clouds
New Mex.  “Pass with Care” road signs


June 1, sfo
Sonnenbad bei Russ & Debbie

June  2, sfo
Getting the bikes @ Roseville, watching the Dave @ Dennis show, tank bag episode

June 3, sfo
Ball game giants vs. pirates with Leon, Shaun, and Ryan

June 4, sfo
Great weather, German Biergarten for lunch, New Orleans style for dinner

Start mileage 1590

June 5, San Carlos to San Simeon
Brunch at Alice's together with Russ, he went with us a little further, then we were on our own. Long and most of the time foggy ride to San Simeon. Great stop at the nepenthe cafe with blue bird


June 6, San Simeon
Visited Hearst castle

June 7, San Simeon to Oxnard
Got a new battery for the BMW in St Louis Obispo, had brunch in the very pink Madonna inn. Went through half-dessert (98 degrees were not that bad as what I expected), and then had a great stretch on 33 - turns as I like them. Hi light: I passed 4 motorbikes there.


June 8, Oxnard to Barstow
Went towards LA to meet up with Jim to go highway 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) - great sweeping turns. Went on this type routes towards Silver Lake and Bear Lake. Great views and great riding. Jim had dinner with us and stayed in Barstow.


June 9, Barstow to Kingman
Jim left us after breakfast, we entered Route 66. Log straight stretches through the dessert and sometimes really bad road. Due to construction we had to leave 66 and go on highway 40 to Needles (heavy winds to fight with). Then we went back in time to Oatman: old gold rush town with donkeys and the smell of their poop. Over the mountains and on to Kingman.


June 10, Kingman
Rest day - laundry and historic city of Kingman (nothing going on there)

June 11, Kingman to Grand Canyon
Long ride with landscape changing from dessert to wood and the loveliest clouds. Met Ron, the Australian Harley rider a couple of times on the way and finally had lunch with him. Before dinner I got the first glimpse of the Canyon - it's unbelievable.


June 12, Grand Canyon
Did the rim rout westbound - partially on the bus, partially hiking. There were the most spectacular views of the Canyon, the brown Colorado and wonderful cactus blossoms.

June 13, Grand Canyon to monument Valley
Again a wonderful ride through changing landscapes to MV - the View hotel is very nice, but non-alcoholic. Not so good, when you long for a beer after a ride. So, we had O'Douls...
In the evening we could watch an impressive dessert storm with lightning flashes. I guess, our bikes got sanded.


June 14, Monument Valley
Great sun rise and lazy blog day with a wonderful view

June 15, monument valley to Cameron Trading Post
Short ride there, but nice Wild West style setup. Now I know that roadrunners are real - and they are very pretty.


June 16' Cameron trading post to Winslow
Got new tires for the GS in Flagstaff, then went to Sedona. Would have been nice without all these stupid cars in front of us. It was hot, but lunch was great there. Then went back to Flagstaff and on to Winslow (standing on the corner). The old station hotel is amazing. Dinner was exceptional with a great waiter


June 17, Winslow to Gallup
Stopped at the corner again, then went towards painted dessert, partially on 66 and partially on 40. Painted dessert looked wonderful. Hills with layers of all different colors! Then we went on to Gallup in the heat (it got close to 100). Bar dinner at the motel - felt like moved back in time.


June 18, Gallup to Albuquerque
We went through a lot of dessert, but the greener kind, could do a lot on old 66 and didn't have to do much 40. At one point there was a little bit of painted dessert again, we crossed the continental decide. In Albuquerque we crossed the Rio Grande and hit our temperature record: 105 - I thought I was melting sitting in construction and accident traffic, barely moving. The evening beer tasted twice as good as normal. After dinner I walked to Walgreens to get another bottle of wine. Coming back I saw the most amazing sunset: red and purple clouds.


June 19, Albuquerque to Santa Fe
A very nice ride on old 66 with a view of the mountains and even a couple of turns. Stopped in Madrid, a hippie town earlier. Santa Fe doesn't really look like an American state Capitol, but rather like a little Spanish or Mexican city - no high houses, but a lot of red clay buildings. The stores are basically all either gifts or clothes or art.


June 20, Taos round trip
Had a lazy morning, late breakfast and then got on the bikes to Taos. The ride was nice, we went along Rio Grande for quite some time in the desert mountains. Taos is a skiing village with gazillions of souvenir and everything else you don't need stores. In one of these stores Dennis found things he needed: a belt, a hat, and a bracelet. The store was owned by a German lady and her American husband and she was in there with her one daughter. Very nice people and Dennis got to speak some German again.
We hit 100 F again.


June 21, Santa Fe
Resting day, Georgia O'Keeffe museum

June 22, Santa Fe to Tucumcari
Another hot day, in the morning most of the time on 66 with amazing views of the landscape. Now we have painted dessert type mountains with trees growing on them. Visited the car museum in Santa Rosa - amazing vintage American cars, some of them much too long to fit into a parking spot. Now we are in the Blue Swallow Motel after having dinner at this Mexican restaurant with people painted on the wall, as if they were sitting there and a funny lizard that talked.


June 23, Tucumcari to Plainview
We had a nice ride out on 66 until it ended in dirt. We went this dirt road anyway, because Dennis said it was just a mile. This must have been the longest mile in my live. We were rewarded then with a stop at Midpoint Cafe for brunch (passed another time zone). Yes, we reached the midpoint of 66, but not the midpoint of our trip yet. Stopped at the Cadillac Ranch next, and then said good-bye to 66 for good, heading south from Amarillo.
...and I need to correct Anne Clark: there is a Hope road.


June 24, Plainview to Abilene
Texas is pretty flat. We went on highways, not on the interstate, which made things a little less boring. No major events and we got there. Highlight of the day: a roadrunner, whose territory we invaded - he buzzed right over my head.


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