Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 5 - Pirates 3 – Giants 1

Wednesday was a family outing to the Giants Game. Shaun, another son, picked up tickets for Judith, Ryan, grandson Leon and me. It was a Businessman’s Special Game – in other words it started at 12:45 PM.
We met at Shaun’s flat in The City and took the streetcar to the ballpark.

A T & T Park is a great baseball park – pretty small and with a nice atmosphere. I figured the game might be a short one for us. Leon just turned three a couple of weeks ago and while he likes baseball he is not just yet as much of a baseball fan as his father.

We ran into Emily’s (Shaun’s wife) father and his brother at the game. So Leon had a two Grandpa and two Uncle day.

We made it through the fourth inning before it was time to pack up. Pretty good actually. It was just as well – the Giants lost.

We ended the day at a Sushi place a block or so from Shaun and Emily’s flat.

Thursday - Getting the bikes staged for the trip.

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