Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Chapter 21 – Day 15 Albuquerque to Santa Fe

June 19, 2015

Just before leaving the hotel in Albuquerque I noticed this billboard off in the distance. I took a picture with my iPhone, so it’s not too good due to the distance.

Anyway, looks like Saul has competition in Albuquerque.

Aztec Motel

First order of business was to go by the Aztec Motel. This is another one of those unique Route 66 hotels. I stopped at the Aztec Motel in 2010 to take pictures and was looking forward to showing the place to Judith.

When we arrived there was nothing but a vacant lot! Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot!!

What happened??

Well, if I had looked on the Internet I would have discovered it was torn down about a year after I last visited in 2010.

About the Aztec: Aztec_Motel

Here's how it looked in 2010

Being demolished in June 2011

Onward and upward to Santa Fe

After drying the tears from my eyes, we worked our way over to Hwy 14 via The Old Mother Road and onward to Santa Fe.

We made a stop in Madrid (MAD rid) for a small bite to eat. Madrid was a Lead and Coal mining town that almost dried up and blew away. It’s been revitalized and is now a small artist’s community without the flare of Santa Fe.

We stopped at the Madrid Old Coal Town for a snack. It looked to be the local hangout with a few characters present.

This is not a local character in Madrid

This is a local character in Madrid
Mind your children in Madrid

An old steam locomotive sits in the back

After our snack we continued on Hwy 14 into Santa Fe and found our hotel. Once we settled in we took a short walk to look for a bar and a beer. We were successful.

This was not the bar we were hoping for...

This is more like it

Route 66 had traveled through Santa Fe previous to 1937, but not too many people know about this alignment.

Tomorrow we might take a ride up to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and then on to Taos. They are both close to Santa Fe.

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