Monday, June 29, 2015

Gettin' Our Kicks: Judith’s Diary Entries #2

June 25 to June 27

Highlight for each State:
Cal.  Bluest sky
Ariz.  nicest clouds
New Mex.  pass with care
Texas  I can see for miles or bugs eat you


June 25, Abilene to Fredericksburg
Yesterday night we figured something out to get us over the boring stretches: whenever we see a sign for an historic landmark, we have to invent a story matching this landmark. This was pretty funny - we took turn inventing these stories and got quite some laughs out of them. In Brady, I saw my first Pecan tree, taking our lunch break at the town plaza. Later, I had to get gas and experienced my first German style gas station in the US: first pump, then pay. Finally, Fredericksburg greeted us with "WILLKOMMEN".


June 26, resting day in Fredericksburg
In the morning we watched humming birds at a blossoming Yucca, later we did a long walk through all of downtown and back (which was not so long because Fredericksburg's downtown is so big, but because the hotel was at the edge of town). We can watch the main road from this porch: you have to drive a Ram or at least another truck in Texas - everybody does this.

June 27, Fredericksburg to Austin
Rain was predicted for Fredericksburg and Austin for the afternoon. We got an early start, stopped in Luckenbach (a one dance hall town) and arrived in Austin before the rain. Spent a nice evening with Jerry and Kate.


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  1. June 30th:
    Happy Birthday liebe Judith!
    Herzliche Gruesse und alles Liebe senden Dir
    Gela & Bernd