Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 13: Second Day – BMW MOA – More Education and a Crazy Stunt Rider

More education and vendor talk today.

The rally site this year is a nice venue – the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. You can see the “Three Sisters” mountains ande Mt. Bachelor from the grounds.

Mt. Bachelor

Three Sisters

The site changes each year and for 2011 it will be in Bloomsburg, PA - an easy ride from home.

After I got my fill of education and vendors I stopped in to see a crazy demonstration by a motorcycle stunt rider. Chris something or another is the stunt rider. A nice young kid who can do amazing things on a motorcycle - but not so sure of his understanding of mortality. He stunts on three different bikes - all BMW of course; a G450 X dirt bike, an F650 GS Dual Sport and a S1000 RR Superbike. There were a couple of "ah shit" moments, but it was all fun and no one got hurt. All of the burouts and power slides are pretty hard on rear tires.

G450 X Stoppie

F650 GS Whieelie


S1000 RR - One of many amazing wheeie tricks


Power Slide

Time for a new tire! Covered under warantee??
After being amazed by Chris I wandered over to the vintage BMW motorcycle exhibit. Lots of nice old BMW, but one sort of stood out – an original WWII military BMW and a sidecar mounted with a machine gun and towing a 75 mm cannon. Not something you see too often

Right out of a WWII Movie - but the real deal
Tommorow it's off to Crescent City, CA via Crater Lake.
Bye for now.

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