Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July from Dayton, OH

Happy 234th Birthday U.S.A.!!

Well I didn't get to Dayton by 4:00. I guess I was a little over optimist. I finally got to the hotel at 7:00.

Even with a lot of time on the slab (Interstate) and an average moving speed of 60 MPH it took longer than I thought to ride 530 miles what with stops for gas and stretching.

The ride was, as expected, pretty boring except for a leg of U.S. 30 over the mountains West of Chambersburg to around Ligonier, PA.

I got onto I-70 via U.S. 119 close to Pittsburg and then it was just a grind to Columbus and on to Dayton.

Not much else to say. Off to Madison, WI tomorrow.

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  1. 530 miles in 12 hours is pretty good progress for the first day out! (Didn't realize Dayton was that far...) Great photo by the way!