Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 9: Hanging out in Jackson – not a bad place to hang

Today is a no riding day. Time to recoup. Jackson is a perfect place to recharge. I haven’t been here in a number of years and it is still as great a town as I remember.

The weather today was just excellent. Maybe low 80’s and low humidity. The wind really kicked up in the afternoon, but not a problem.

The big ski hill is at Teton Village that is a little ways out of town, but there’s also Snow King – a small hill right in town. When you walk out of the Wort Hotel and look to the left you can see some of the runs.
The main intersection in Jackson is Cache and Broadway. There is a steady stream of RV’s and SUV’s going through this intersection. People are heading to or from Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks, not to mention many other outdoor recreation areas for hiking, fishing, mountain biking and rafting.

Town Square Park greets you with an archway framed with Elk Antlers at each corner.
I was lucky enough to catch up with two friends from my Tahoe ski days – Mike and Bridget – and have a wonderful dinner. Mike and Bridget moved to Jackson 12 years ago to open an Oral Surgery practice and we haven’t seen each other since they moved. That is a big pity and I hope we get back together much, much sooner than 12 years the next time.

So that’s it for today. Off to Boise, ID tomorrow.

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